Home Styling Products Sources

Home styling is fun to do it yourself if you enjoy orgnising your home, shopping for new pieces, and have some creative ideas. 


Make your open home special!

Order flowers online from Interflora, one of Australia's leading online florists. Interflora is the brand Australian’s turn to when celebrating life’s most special moments. Whatever that occasion may be, fresh flowers delivered from Interflora Australia make a perfect gift, a token of appreciation and the special accessory to brighten your open home.

Scent your open home!

Dust is a proud Australian company with a rich history. It specialised in their candle products. Many of their scents are sourced from the world’s oldest perfume houses in France, renowned for their superiority since the 17th century. Their aim is to deliver you an enhancing addition to a mood, a moment, or to create that special memory.

Home Decor

Specialise for your window covering.

The Curtain Wonderland story began in 1971 when the initial focus was on soft-furnishing fabrics. Since then, it has specialised in curtains, sheers, blinds, awning, and continued to expand to various products, including bed linen, cushions, artificial flowers, and home decor. 


Quilt Covers


Professional furniture for your study and office!

JasonL is one of Australia's largest office furniture stores. It sells modern, ergonomic office furniture from standing desks to ergonomic chairs!


Sweet Treats

Dessert Boxes was born out of the frustration of having to send and receive boring gifts, which would end up dying, being thrown away, never used, or at best, re-gifted! Dessert Boxes is waging a war on boring gifts and providing consumers with a fun, new alternative to gift giving! Try their new ideas of gift giving.