Home Renovations Adelaide

Home Edition team consists of talented and experienced Licensed Architects, Engineers, builders and Home Designers with over 20 years’ experience. Our knowledge of building structures and building processes assure that the blueprints accurately designed and consented by the council supervised and constructed by our professional team. Our professional team members can handle all of your interior and exterior home renovations including design, demolition, remodelling, rebuild and more. We are fully insured, that means everything is under protection so that you can have peace of mind.


Tell us about your refurbishment ideas! Even if you’ve not decided yet, we can help you determine the potential for your home. We work with you to turn your property dreams into a reality and create exceptional living spaces. Designed, constructed and carefully thought through to maximise contemporary living requirements while emphasising your personality, taste of life and your idea of design.


With an emphasis on the work team, we take responsibility for every aspect of your renovation from the feasibility study, design and planning to foundations, walls, roof, building the kitchen, installing the bathroom and hanging curtains!


Home Remodelling Extensions & Additions

Just because your first house is becoming a little too small for your growing family, it doesn’t mean you need to move to the bigger house. Understanding costs and budgets, finding an architect, finalising plans, dealing with council approvals, finding a builder, and negotiating prices and contracts can be a very complicated process, let us save your time, stress and potentially many thousand dollars, we don’t work for architects, we don’t work for builders, we work for you!


With our additional resources in Project Management, Design, and Application permit, we can provide you with a start to finish service and complete your project through a seamless and easy process.

·         Adding or removing walls

·         Combining or separating rooms

·         Demolition

·         Converting areas for repurposing

·         Other alternations

Remedial Diagnostics

Remedial building engineering involves the investigation and accurate diagnosis of any building defect. Accurate diagnosis allows us to recommend a cost-effective solution to remediate the failed component. Over the years we have proven our ability to understand the root cause of building defects and provide a practical and workable solution to rectify the issue, building movement and associated cracking.

House Renovations

Home Edition provides all types of house renovation and home makeover solutions in Adelaide. Whether you want to upgrade a bathroom or plan to add an extension, Home Edition in Adelaide has got you covered. We always provide professional service at affordable rates. Choose Home Edition as your remodelling contractors in Adelaide; we assure you’ll be happy with our services because client satisfaction is our priority!